SERVICES - Coaching


  • Harry is not only a very accomplished coach himself, but he’s successfully coached 100’s of coaches across the globe and regularly mentors many trainers from around the world helping them take their business and knowledge to the Next Level.
  • Harry has successfully coached many of India’s top trainers, with the likes of Kumar Mannava& Satish Paryada having been his past students.
  • Harry also regularly consults other coaches – To book a consult with Coach Harry, Please Click Here.
Yes, I coach people for all kinds of goals. Be it dropping few pounds before your next holiday, your wedding, Photo Shoot, preparing for your 1st Body Building Contest Or Getting Ready for your Next World Championships.
Yes I offer mentoring of various kinds to other coaches too. From a simple 30-60 Minute Phone/Skype Call to 4, 8 Or 12 Weeks Mentoring.
This really depends on what exactly you want to learn. Some want to learn about Nutrition, Training & Supplementation to produce results. While others want to learn about increasing their business. Choice is yours!
  • 30 Minutes Consultation: $147 USD OR $195 AUD OR 10,000 INR
  • 60 Minutes Consultation: $220 USD OR $291 AUD OR 15,000 INR
You can ask Coach Harry absolutely ANY kind of questions related to any topic. No question is Off Limits.
This is a great question, which gets asked of him a fair bit. The answer is quite simple, Coach Harry will answer any questions you might have, and often can TEACH YOU MORE in his 30 Minutes or 1 Hour Consultation, than you might learn in 6 months from most places.
Yes, if he is in your city, you might be able to book him for a session. Please check his Schedule or email him directly.
  • His charges for Personal Training Session are: 60 To 90 Minutes (The session can go up 90 minutes, or even longer sometimes depending on what needs to be done. Coach Harry will spend as long as it’s needed on your session to make sure, highest level of quality and satisfaction is delivered):$220 USD OR $291 AUD OR 15,000 INR.

There are all sorts of Coaching Packages, starting from Peak Week, 4 Weeks Coaching, 8 Weeks Coaching, 12 Weeks Coaching, 16 Weeks Coaching To Off Seasons 6 Month or even 12 month Coaching Packages.

There are no Fixed Charges for coaching. Reason why there are no fixed charges is because, the price is often established after an initial consultation, and the Coaching Charges are often reached taking the below things into account:

  • Your Age
  • Your Job
  • Your Goal
  • Where you are in Bodybuilding Career
  • Your Financial Status.
  • Family – Children’s responsibility.
  • Potential
  • Dedication

Once I have established the above, only then I can give you the cost of your coaching charges. But to give you a rough Idea, I charge anything between $110 USD (7,500 INR) To $1100 USD (75,000) Per Month. The reason why this figure can vary vastly is, because many times I get Very High Profile clients who have very high demands and expectations, and want amazing results in as little as 1 Month, and on top of this, want their identities kept secret. That’s why I have the form for you to fill out, so that it gives me necessary information I need in order to give you the appropriate price for you. Please Click Here to fill out the form.